Our object

We set ourselves the target to keep historic Teddy Bears and toys. We are proud to be able to give the visitor information as exact as possible about origin and age of the items on display. Furthermore, we attach great importance to pass on interesting details about the social as well as economic events from the century of the existence of the Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bears have a soul...

Child's drawing
There is also an area where children - or grown-ups, indeed - may draw pictures. The drawings are on display at the museum. Watching the drawings you will feel that the old Teddy Bears tell wonderful stories, children are listening to and depict them. There are father bears, mother bears, baby bears, teachers, sports' and other professions' Teddies, even beary comic strips arise.

The 'Wiener Teddybärenmuseum' was open from February 28th, 1996 until March 18th, 2001. The museum presented a huge private collection. The 'Wiener Teddybärenmuseum' was a private institution with neither municipal nor any other public aid.

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