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Museum VideoVideo:
Watch the original video of the Wiener Teddybärenmuseum! Walk through the museum and admire vintage teddy bears, post cards and more! See mechanical tin toys and automata in full action! You have never seen something similar! Absolutely unique! Click here>> and enjoy!

Teddy Bear Jacqueline, 1910History:
The museum was located at the Judenplatz in Vienna from March 1996 until March 2001. The museum was the implementation of our dream. Unfortunately, we had to close down the museum by March 2001. This site is to retain the memory of the museum.

Slide Show:
Enjoy a slide show of vintage teddy bears that were on display at the former Vienna Teddy Bear Museum from 1996 to 2001. To see the teddy bears please click here >>
To watch a selection of teddy bears that were on display at the museum please click here >>

To watch photos of an exhibiton of our teddy bears at the beautiful city of Salzburg please click here >>


Teddies in the WebAddress:
Please don't look for the address of the museum. The Vienna Teddy Bear Museum has been closed in March 2001 and is now available on the internet only! Please continue visiting our website!


Thank you Special thanks:
We thank the visitors of both the museum and this site for your interest and the positive comments.

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