The Museum

What was on display
in The Vienna Teddy Bear Museum?

Early Steiff Teddy Bear ca. 1905-10, brown, with shoe button eyes and growler, 65 cm high
  • Historic Teddy Bears (1905 to 1960), made of fine mohair, with shoe button or glass eyes, some of them in mint condition, some being played with for tens of years, all sizes from 2 inches miniature to 25 inches giant Teddy Bear
  • Bears on wheels to drag or ride, some made at the end of the 19th century, say before the era of the classic Teddy Bear
  • Teddy Bears with clock work (wind-ups) from the 1930s, somersaulting or riding a bike
  • Teddy Bears with clock work (wind-ups) from the 1940s, who pretend to do different human activities like knitting, reading, drinking, singing, making music, carrying a suitcase etc.

  • Battery operated Teddy Bears from the 40s and 50s, for instance a bear sitting on his desk just making a phone call, or a tin Teddy Bear making soap bubbles, a Teddy Bear blowing up a balloon, a Mother Bear feeding her baby, or a walking Teddy Bear playing the drums while his eyes shine bright etc.
  • Photographs from times past showing children with their Teddy Bears (dd. 1910 to 1950)
  • Historic postcards showing Teddy Bears dd. 1910 to 1950
  • Ancient picture books with Teddy Bears or bears
  • Antique bear figurines made of wood, brass, bronze or finest china
  • Antique sets for writing desks with bears
  • China or pottery Teddy Bears
  • Historic tins toys with clock work (wind-ups)
Two Japanese battery operated automata, 50s, and a wind up walking Teddy Bear of Czech origin, 50s

The 'Wiener Teddybärenmuseum' was open from February 28th, 1996 until March 18th, 2001. The museum presented a huge private collection. The 'Wiener Teddybärenmuseum' was a private institution with neither municipal nor any other public aid.

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